How to Prepare Your Cat for Traveling in a Carrier

Most cats can easily adjust to riding in a car when you take along a comfortable cat carrier. In addition to being durable, it should be roomy enough so your cat will be able to stand and move around. Weeks before your trip on the road, position the carrier in one of your cat’s favorite napping areas.

What Are the Differences Between Domestic and Wild Cats

In the past and until now, many humans have welcomed cats into their homes, primarily because of their ability to keep rodents away. Though they are called house pets, these modern-day cats are still known to be semi-domesticated unlike dogs that are fully domesticated and have been considered as such since their existence. A kitten that cuddles up to its owner by the fireplace may be very different from a lion that stalks the African planes but people may be surprised by the similarities they have.

Purr-Suing Happiness: The Reason Why Cats Purr

It might be easier to ask the reason why humans do not purr. Purring is among the mysterious things done by cats, and it has a lot to do with feline physiology. Learning more about it makes us realize the better deal that cats got from nature.

Why Cats Are So Easy to Fall in Love With

Your pet cat may be smarter than you think. Just by observing cats for a while, you can tell that they are very witty. They are fast learners and very observant.

Why Do Cats Like to Play With Their Prey?

It is mistakenly believed that cats cruelly play with their prey before killing them. Many humans are horrified to watch a cat kill a mouse, which entails lots of shoving, pouncing and poking, but they should not be deceived by the way it looks. This is merely basic self-defense from the viewpoint of a cat, though many animals are really harmful.

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