Should I Brush My Cat’s Teeth?

Is Your New Kitten Scared and Hiding? How to Deal With A Kitten You Never Get to See

Some kittens are naturally nervous while others are that way due to their start in life. Encouraging them and rewarding their good behaviors are both ways to help bring them out of hiding and into being a part of the family.

Why Your Cat Poops Outside the Litter Box

There’s nothing pleasant about finding a present from your cat that should be in the litter box. Sometimes it can be a sign of a medical problem but more often, we the owners are the cause.

Taking Care of Cats – How to Get Your Home Ready for Kittens

Getting ready for a new kitten is very exciting. But as well as shopping for toys and food, preparing the house for their arrival is also important and here are some tips.

Irritable Bowels in Kittens – Tips and Diet Suggestions

Kittens are often prone to upset stomachs and irritable bowel conditions. The most common cause of these is a food allergy so here we look at how to find out what they are allergic to and what to do from there.

The Dangers of Letting Your Cat Roam Outside

While it may seem natural to let a cat outdoors and cruel to keep them indoors, there are a few matters to consider before making this decision. Here we look at the main considerations and a few alternative ideas.

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