The Benefits of Treats, Training and Reward for Cats

What’s up my cat mojo tears? It is your cat, daddy jackson, galaxy today, our topic on cat mojo is treats, treats, treat ooh, treats food, treats yes, let’s, get mojo fight. So yes, today, folks, we are talking about cats.

Food treats favorite, you know that kind of thing. Let me start by telling you guys a story. So when uh, we first started doing my cat from hell and i’m introducing the way i worked. My production company into the network and we’re, showing them sort of test footage about my bag of tricks, which of course, as you guys know, is my guitar case because uh in the first couple of episodes, we would be dealing with either a Scared cat, an aggressive cat and inevitably at some point i would bring out, treats – and i remember somebody at the production company – stopping the tape and going wait a second here.

I thought you were some kind of like you know magician with cats. Man – and this is just bribery – yes, if it gets the job done, then bribery is just another trick in the bag. Another tool that that we use when working with cats, so hey man that’s where we start so let’s.

Start it’s really important to talk about what motivates a cat, and i think, as we do with a lot of other things, we look at cats through dog, colored glasses and let’s face it. A dog’s. Motivation, i mean everybody, loves food dogs, love food and treats and as much as cats do, but they also have a secondary motivation or actually the primary motivation, which is their relationship to us.

We bred for that that that one trait, that was what do you want me to do. I want to be your buddy. I want to be your best friend. Cats are not dogs in that anybody knows a cat. That is not a cat. You guys.

Cats were not bred for a specific purpose. Throughout these tens of thousands of years. They did one job, they did it really well, which was that they helped control the rodent population that was pooping and peeing in our food supply.

Once we had that win-win situation in place, why mess with a good thing? So we didn’t, and so their motivation is much more food. Food motivation is really that dependable thing uh when it comes to cats that helps bridge that gap between what we want and what they want.

So you want to call that bribery. Hey man, call it what you will. Oh man, if there’s, something i harp on all the time it’s that we should not be free feeding our cats. Why not? Because if our cats are constantly either full kind of full sort of full, i can maybe have a nibble or two noshing all day long.

Then we have lost that opportunity to get our cats or to ask our cats to do something for us so with before. I get into all of the good juicy stuff see treats juices anyway before i get into that. This is the number one priority is to stop free feeding your cats.

Besides the fact that free feeding also helps make our cats fat, [, Music ]. So now i have set the table, see where i’m going with that enter the jackpot, treat and enter some kind of cool graphic yeah, and the jackpot treat.

Is that one thing that your cat will go? What is that, and suddenly they move toward it? You know, because it is that thing that flavor, that texture, that association, that is just like, oh, i have to have that.

What we need to do, first of all, is identify that that taste that smell that texture is it a specific type of meat? You know: is it turkey or chicken or beef, or a venison or fish, whether it’s, salmon or tuna? You know whatever it is, that turns your cat on within reason.

Of course, i mean we don’t. You know i’ve known a lot of people who’ve used cheese with their cats to use as the jackpot treat and that’s, a big. No now do i hate the normal, treats you know, which ones i’m.

Talking about those like junk foodie, cracky type, treats in moderation, and when i say moderation, i mean it now. The reason why i’m not into the junkie stuff as much is well. First of all, it’s junky, and we don’t tend to feed our cats like one of those treats or two of those treats.

We can buy a handful, so if we’re going to use that as a jackpot treat break them up into little pieces with with dogs, we give them a treat and it’s like home yeah and they’re. Looking for the next one hey so as they’re chewing, they’re, looking forward at you when with cats, especially when they get those crunchy treats, they will work that treat they will chew, chew, chew.

Now it’s been about five seconds before they’ve. Even looked up at you, and now we’ve lost an opportunity, so we can break down whether it’s, the junk or the good stuff into little pieces so that when your cat eats it, it’s.

What else you got? I love these tube, treats, whether it’s, these guys or these guys, which, of course you can buy on, but they are built so that you open up the top. You squeeze out a little bit and it’s kind of a pasty kind of thing where, as your cat is licking, they follow you know now.

The other thing that a cat may say jackpot about is the dry food that you’ve, been feeding them forever. Now you know me, i don’t want you feeding your cat dry food. I’m all about the wet food check out this video right here.

If you want more information on that, but in the meantime we can take away the dry food. They’ve, been grazing on all day and use that as a jackpot treat that can go into puzzle, toys that can be dished out in small pieces because they’re already in small bite-sized pieces.

So there’s. Another use for something that we don’t necessarily want to use as food, and speaking of that, you can use your cat’s, normal wet food if they are just crazy about it, because we’re going to be Doing things with food before meal time, so they’re, going to be hungry.

They’re, going to be motivated anyhow, so use a little bit of that wet food. If they just love it. The bottom line is as long as your cat looks like a cartoon character whenever they see this food, whether that’s, yogi bear with his picnic basket whether that’s, fred flintstone, with his bronco burgers, whether that’s.

I don’t, know sylvester with tweety bird whatever it is. That makes them turn into a cartoon that’s jackpot, and that is the most useful thing in the world. So how do i use jackpot treats in my work? Well, i am so glad you asked me that let’s start with number one introductions and reintroductions.

So this is a cat to cat thing. If you’re trying to form a positive association between two cats who’ve, never met before or if cats have gotten into a pretty serious fight and you’re separating them into your separate corners.

Now we’re gonna reintroduce you guys, like you’ve, never met before well getting these guys to that door. You know because i’ll, have cats separated by a door and try to say every time i smell food. I smell you the only time i smell food.

I smell you, so you must be a pretty good thing. We’re gonna feed meals at that door. Of course, we want them to be hungry, but also then we uh when they’re hungry. We can also use these treats break them out in times where we want to get them close to that door and make that positive association with each other.

I’m, going to say it again because i’ve said it a million times i don’t know any other way to introduce or reintroduce without using some form of jackpot, so there you have that. So the second use for a jackpot treat – and this is the most obvious one probably to you guys – is training the same time.

We talk about treats with dogs during training, clicker training, same thing with cats and whether that is trying to train your cat to a harness so that you can take them for a walk outside whether you’re training them for a high five.

And if you don’t know anything about the high five know that the jackson galaxy project has cat positive high five contests every year. And if you go to this website down here, you can see all the fun flicker.

Training is a great tool and again no way that you can do that without your jackpot treat and by the way, this kind of training is not just about getting your cats to do things like high fives or getting them into a harness.

Think about things like getting your cat to make a positive association with their carrier, which is a big deal. You you being able to evacuate your cat, you being able to get your cat to the vet. You know we ‘

We all talked about that. One before saving those jackpot treats only for when they’re in their carrier, that’s, a big one. Now we’re, making that association that every time i get into this carrier, i have my favorite bed in there.

It’s, nice and cozy, plus jackpot. The third wonderful use for the jackpot treat is for our friends, the wallflowers, those cats who tend to hide under the beds in closets. They have a really hard time, peeling themselves off the wall and coming out into the middle of the room to own the space to own their own mojo.

I ‘ ve talked a lot about toy motivation, finding their jackpot toy so that they can get involved in an activity where they forget their own fears and food also works. That way, whether your cat is just not as toy motivated, whether the jackpot treat is stronger than the jackpot toy, whatever it is getting.

You know creating this little sort of breadcrumb trail from their hiding space, slowly out getting your cat to meet their challenge, line that place where on one side they feel safe and on the other side they feel scared getting them to put that one paw over the Line, whether that’s, hunting or whether that’s, just presenting their jackpot treat, these are ways to get that first step towards the center of a room just out from under the bed.

But they will come close to you if they are motivated by that jackpot treat so getting your cat to sort of cross their challenge line to cross their wall flowerness and come out to the middle of a room jackpot now, just as jackpot treats help with wallflowers, They also help with the other end of the spectrum, the cat.

I call the napoleon the napoleon who has to over own everything who’s. The bully, who just chases everybody all over the place. Who just can’t, stop their own need to dominate, getting any cat to just put a stop in their thought process right.

I’m about to do this, but what’s that just for that moment to get them to concentrate on something that’s, not their target but change targets? And again we do this with toys as well. If i can get you to hunt an appropriate victim, let’s.

Go with that. If i can get you to concentrate for this moment on this thing here and by the way – and this is really important – this gives us the opportunity to reward. Instead of punish, instead of yelling at our cat, get them to redirect on something positive and then say that that’s, good, that’s.

What we want you know the ability to use. Yes, let’s, use the word again bribery to come out with a a good outcome and not something where you’re chasing your cat and yelling at them, because they’re, doing something destructive, so the next use for Jackpot treats in our hit parade is positive associations with new humans and just as we’ve done the same thing with introducing cat to cat.

It works for by the way, dogs as well and for kids or anything that scares your cat, or they’re just a little wary about. But there is this other thing that over the years i’ve, referred to as the santa claus effect, where, if there’s, a new person in this cat’s life.

So let ‘ S say that you’re living out there, you’re single you and your cat are just you know two of a kind. You are a family and then you start going out with someone new. You know – and you want your cat to like that – that person and they come over and your cat’s like that’s, a no that’s, the anti-jackpot you’re sleeping in my bed.

You’re sitting on my couch. You’re, just putting your your scent all over my stuff, i will not have any of it. So what do we do? Well now that we’re feeding our cats meals. We have our newcomer feed those meals.

We have our newcomer, be the only person holding the key to the jackpot, treats. That means you original person have to step back. You have to share the wealth. You can’t. Do any of the feeding you can’t do any of the treating, but this new person is santa claus every time they come into a room.

It’s like ho ho ho. You know, and that works again. We’re using bribery. Fine, we’re using jackpot treats, but we’re using it to affect a positive association, anything that is jackpot to your cat that gets turned over to santa over there, and in no time at all, we have a new association that Allows that person to be a part of the family and the final you know, big use for jackpot, treats jackpot food is about setting or resetting your cat’s, circadian rhythm, their body, clock food, and this works for all of us all species food Helps determine when we eat and sleep.

Of course, the position of the sun has a lot to do with that as well, but when we eat we’ll determine the ups and downs of our energy levels, right that makes perfect sense and with cats that does the trick so, for instance, For you, guys uh, who are having trouble with your cat waking you up in the middle of the night and if that’s the case a much longer video right up here, uh go and watch that one so that you can stop.

You know freaking out about it, because that’s, a thing that makes you guys freak out. But if you want to change that, then we have to change your cat’s, eating habits. We would have a meal that would happen.

You know about an hour before bed. You would add that meal in so that we get your cats sleeping when you sleep, but the same thing goes for treats. We would want to have a set treat time. So if you don’t want to have a meal time before bed.

That would be the time they get their jackpot, treats again it’s. That thing they look forward to it’s, not just about hunger. They start to look forward to the ritual itself, catch the very ritualistic based animals and actually so are all of us, and if you want to get your cat into that place and again man, i will totally empathize with those of you who have had to try To change your cat’s body clock, the jackpot treat the jackpot.

Food goes a long way. One final point: before i wrap this sucker up. Moderation is really key. You never want to get your cats to the point where they are stuffed moderation. Keep them wanting more, you give something you get something and that something that we get in those moments is their undivided focus and look to me for something, of course, affection.

Nothing’s ever going to replace affection, and i’m, not trying to buy affection here with jackpot treats. I’m just trying to um bolster that affection, so that’s. It you guys, you know what think less of me.

If we’re talking about bribery, i don’t care man. It has carried me through many many years of working with cats. Of course, we’re trying to build trust and we’re trying to build a relationship, but you know the quickest way to a cat’s.

Heart is through their stomach or you know that kind of thing. I am not trying to say that this is the crux of our relationship. This is the center point of our relationship. No, it’s, a relationship and a relationship includes love, and but it also includes compromise that’s.

Part of that love the jackpot treat. Is that way just to cut through all the nonsense here i want you to do this here. I know you’re motivated by this bang. The meeting point all right: you guys keep those comments coming because that’s, how i know how to do videos just like this one and by the way, don’t forget to subscribe and hit that bell.

So you know with the next one: is it like this one and you wan na you get it right and don’t forget to pass this on to those jackpot lacking friends of yours who need to know how to get what they want from Their cat all right until next time, you guys all light and all love and all mojo to you – take care.



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