The Case of The Back-Ended Compliment: Why Does Your Cat Put Their Butt In Your Face?

How to Prevent a Feline Urinary Tract Infection

Around 1% of cats suffer from an urinary tract infection each year so it is a relatively common cause of a visit to the vet. But what are these conditions and can owners do anything to prevent them?

The Issues With Feline Sneezing

A sneezing cat is cute and kind of funny and most of the time means nothing more than something has irritated their nose. But when does sneezing become a symptom of a larger problem and what could that be?

Symptoms of Feline Nose Cancer

Cancer of the nose and nasal passages isn’t a common cancer in cats but can occur. Here we look at the symptoms and treatment of the disease.

Dealing With Feline Liver Cancer

There are a number of types of cancer that can affect cats and one of them is cancer of the liver. This condition is quite rare and here we look at symptoms, treatment and living with the disease.

How to Effectively Discipline a Cat

Sometimes cats and kittens can be so naughty but how do you discipline them? Smacking a cat does nothing apart from create fear of you so what are the other options?

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