5 Countries That Have Cat Superstitions And Legends That May Surprise You

Many people know a few superstitions about cats. Like many of you, I’m a bit of a ‘trivia’ geek and over the years most of the cat trivia that I have read that has centred around our feline friends has been fairly predictable and much of it is based on whether black cats are lucky or unlucky.

Cat Jumping and Climbing Behavior

Have you ever truly just sat and watched a cat? I am a cat-lover and have always had at least two kitties living in my home. I now live with five cats and two dogs. The dogs are another story! I have observed cat behavior up close and personal for the past 40 years. Their movements can be described as flexible, agile, and precise. They are amazing to watch. Miniature versions of the Big Cats!

How to Deal With an Anxious Cat Like a Pro

There are cats which can be extremely calm. On the other hand, there are kitties which can be feeling the opposite, having the tendency to be more jittery and anxious. It can be worrisome and disappointing for cat parents who have their cats’ best interests at heart. If you’re one of the cat parents who notice this nervous behavior in your feline friend, learn more about how you can help her feel and be more relaxed.

Christmas Presents for Cats: Santa Paws Is Feline-Ing Generous!

This festive season, how can you please a fickle feline? Cats are notoriously hard to please: They turn up their whiskers at toys and regard the comfy cat-bed with distain. You buy an expense present only to have them show more interest in the box than the contents.

Have You Wondered Why Cats Eat Grass?

As humans we have long puzzled over the behaviour of cats and we are commonly asked the ‘why does my cat eat grass?’ question. A brief search of the internet reveals several reliable sources, namely Pet MD, each of which inform is that eating grass is entirely normal behaviour for a cat, whether an indoor or an outdoor cat. Is this due to dietary deficiency or problem behaviour? No.

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